Saturday, July 24, 2010

To have a good time in Mumbai.

1. You need the absolute right company. You can't just enjoy Mumbai otherwise.
2. You need bucket loads of patience. You can never ever EVER get into a good restaurant immediately on a weekend.
3. You need to be able to come up with the most random stuff at the most random times. And have a hearty laugh after that. I guess this works in any city. More so when this is supported with point 1.
4. You need to be able to bear with the insane crowds and traffic in the city. Ultimate spot for hanging out should be in the mind of the person. ALWAYS.

Fortunately, I happen to have all the 4 of those points. Thus, I am thoroughly enjoying my time over here in Mumbai, where I joined the Essar Group.

Now, joining an organization immediately after graduation is seen by most people as akin to entering hell after witnessing paradise for so long. Not quite so for me. It's been more like entering the front lawn of the White House from,well, the White House itself. While it still looms large that we might have to start working our behinds out soon enough, the time that I have spent at Essar till now has been very pleasant. Except for the lunch in the cafeteria. And the umpteen number of lectures. That reminded me of my time at MDI. Sleeping through all of them. Of course I jest! (In case someone working in Essar just reads this!)

It's been the most hilarious, rip roaring couple of weeks that I have spent here in Mumbai. I just hope that I do continue staying here!!

To Mumbai!!!

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