Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Good sports week for India.

It has been a good week for India in sports this week. Sure, we would have lost the test series in Sri Lanka (Though going by what the papers said, we were sure to win it even before the third test started!!). But, we did amazingly well in two other sports.

First, as all of you must be knowing, Abhinav Bindra winning gold for the country in the Olympics. An amazing achievement. Though, to be completely honest, I was surprised to see so many people (mainly politicians) coming forward and rewarding him. Where do they get all this money from? If they could only use that for the betterment of their states, it would go a long way in this country going even further than it already has. But, none of that takes away from what is definitely, the pinnacle in Indian Olympic history. Congrats Abhinav, you deserve it!!!

Second, and this is what I just read on the NDTV site. India win the AFC Challenge Cup. They thrashed the defending champions, Tajiskistan, 4-1 in the final. What makes this achievement all the more amazing is that because of this win, they have now directly qualified for the 2011 AFC Asia Cup to be held in Doha. Yes, I know, it may not sound as a huge achievement. But, having personally seen the state of football in my own state, Kerala (which is one of the better football playing states), this is an amazing achievement by the Indian football team. It goes a long way to show that the game is definitely developing in the country. We had fallen to great depths in this game, from almost having qualified for the football world cup in the 1950s. But, this does show that we are going in the right direction. Kudos to the Indian football team for having performed exceedingly well in the tournament!!

I just hope and pray that this does continue. Well, can't wait to see how our country continues in the Olympics.

Congrats to all the winners. Keep it up! :) Now let me see whether I can write something serious on some business issues..... ;)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Problems problems problems!

Ah... college life is becoming the life that i expected only now, with all the submissions, events, and what not to be done within a few days. Yes... it's just what I had expected.

Commerce week has started in hostel. It's something that we have started over here at the Change Masters Annexe to give 'credit' to all the commerce students of the hostel. Oh yeah, as usual though, we make a few changes to the list, to include non- engineer students as well. Ah yes, the few advantages of being in a place that is not inside the campus ;).

Oh, I got to go now. Have a presentation to give tomorrow and got to beat the crap out of them commerce people!! Au Revoire! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello there....

This is officially my first attempt at a blog. (Though unofficially it started wayyyyyyy back in college when I had created a blogger (? I think) profile to start a blog). This would officially be my first blog post too ( Though unofficially I do have some stuff that I have written but lost it when I had to reformat my computer :( ). Let's see how long this thing goes then... :)

P.S: This is taken from my previous blog that I had created about 2 weeks back. Unfortunately, as I have still not figured out some features over there, I am transferring all my posts over here.