Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ten cruel "Murphy Law" like realities specific to Mumbai.

1. If you take your umbrella with you, it will not rain. If you do not, however, you will most certainly be drenched by the time you leave your apartment.
2. The time when you need the taxi the most is the time when none of them will be free.
3. The time you need the local train the most is the time when everyone else will need them.
4. The time you need a wada pav is when none will be available. NAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Wada Pav is Mumbai. Wada Pav can never be in shortage!
5. Your office will always be far FAR away from you, wherever you stay.
6. You will find out about a Tuesday movie ticket offer only after you see a movie on Monday.
7. The girl you find cute would have already been taken.
8. If you plan a get together, it will not come to fruition.
9. The previous restaurant you went to will look a bit less crowded than the next one you go to, in your quest to find one where you will get a seat as soon as possible.
10. The alternative route to reach a certain destination will always look better than the one you are taking.

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