Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things that I may/may not miss at MDI.

As I wind up my days at MDI, I just thought of penning down some of the things that have made my time over here at MDI memorable. These are just a few of the varied memories that I will cherish once I leave this place. Do try guessing the people I mention here.

1) If you really look at it… it’s interesting. (Last counted at 40 times in a one and a half hour class. How did I ever survive those strategy classes, only god knows)

2) Think like a CEO (Yes Sir, will most definitely do! J)

3) We are going to have a state-of-the-art computer facility, with un-legal software.

4) It is the “responsity” of the students council to make sure things don’t get stolen (yes this is very correct English, just meant to highlight that one word).

5) HEY KARTIK !@#!@#!! WHEN WAS I RUDE TO YOU!! (A Chinese Madhavan classic!!!)

6) Do not try to change the system. These “fellows” will put you down. These “fellows” na, will not do anything. *Goes back to the board to write something* (Don’t know how many will notice this one, but I will definitely listen to what he says).

7) Here comes ------ MAN!! With all 25 (or is it 24) teeth flashing, here to save the world from milking the cow!! (Oh boy those economics classes were a classic!!)

8) SHWOOSSHHH *Clunk* (Hurtling locks (of the lock and key fame) across the hallway hits the head of a certain someone)

oh theri !@#!@!@#” (lot of family members start coming up now),

*BAM* *DISHOOM* “Ugh !@#!#!” (more of the same)

[I’m sure many of us will miss this particular Hostel 7 rivalry!!]

9) …..If you see the “this” of the “that”,errrrrrr, you will find the scheduling of the “this”, eerrrrrrrrr, and the “that” to be equal….. [The Dots indicate me in deep sleep, waking up, hearing that sentence, and going back to deep sleep]

10) I salute the RFID technology. Please note the word “RFID”. It will be good for the interview. [Yes people, Achromatica spawned from these classes.]

11) “Maiiidaaamm, Please summarissse the lassstt claaassssssss” *smirk* [ufffff it was a pain I tell you, a pain!!]


aalok said...

Loved it :)
Knew the answers to all of them except the Hostel 7 wala, but won't post here to keep the fun alive :)

vivekrathi85 said...

last 2 were the only ones I was able to guess coz probably thosse were the only 2 faculties who taught us...We never came across other lines

Kartik said...

@Aalok : Thanks man!! :)
@Vivek : Oh... that's bad... must be the faculty's changed.. you've really missed out on some classic dialogues!!!! :)

hitesh said...

brilliant man...I am sure u can keepp updating that list

sonu said...

brilliant :)

CoolSid said...

Hey Karthik,

Are u upset about the last one because you were asked to summarize the last class or because u were called as Maidamm? :)

Nice, Funny post

Pratyush said...

Capital Stuff!
The good, the gorgeous and the lovely of MDI! :)

Kartik said...

@All: Thanks guys!!