Sunday, February 21, 2010

Memories..."Long Time..."

Something that I had written quite sometime back, but never posted it!!! Wonder why... Anyways.. I am Posting it now... hope you guys enjoy reading this!!

Yo ladies and gentlemen reading this (I'm sure it's not many because I haven't given this link to many people yet!! ). Have not written in quite sometime..... there is a reason for the delay though. I have been upto my head with college work and club selection work and what not. Have not gotten the time to even look at the comics that I have subscribed for over here!! :)

The weekend was pretty awesome!! Had loads of fun at college with the cultural activities and the after party. Ah, yes... there was an after party. And it was aaaaawwwwwwwweeeeeeeee.......wait for it........sssssoooommmmeeee!!!! Had a rocking time over there. That is one hell of a crowd puller. I could not even THINK of missing such an oppportunity!!!

I somehow ( I still don't believe how I managed to do it ) woke up in time for the first lecture over here. And surprisingly, I was not feeling sleepy when I came into class! Well, that was only until I came into class. It's like my eyes have been pre-programmed to close whenever there is a lecture. I just got in and the lecture just started when my eyes start closing. And, the amazing thing is that as soon as the lecture is over, the eyes just open up. I just lose my sleep as soon as my classes are over! I guess this is just another reason for me to attend classes. ;)

Well, that's it for now. All my posts are not re-checked, so chances are that you may not understand what I have written over here. Chances are that even I may not understand what I have written over here. But then, that's how I am!! :)

TIll later...Ciao!

P.S: Again, as this post was actually written after a long time in my previous post, I have given the title as it was over there. Now let me go and figure out how to use this one!! :)

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Sarath said...

my exact feelings during the party. you said everything i wanted to say