Sunday, February 21, 2010

Part 2: Things that I will definitely miss in MDI.

The list from my previous entry, as I said, is not exhaustive. Not by a long way. Here are some of the other things that I will cherish from my stay over here at MDI. I will add to this list as and when anything else comes to my mind.

1) A 10 mark question for the end term: “You are currently 3rd in a race, and you overtake the 2nd place guy. Which position will you now be in??” [I think I might have actually gotten this answer wrong. Nothing else explains how I got a C grade in this subject].

2) DUDE *Hic* I AM NOT DRUNK!!! *Barf* [Think of a name. Yeah you are right, that’s the person!!]

3) P1: “Hey man! What does you girlfriend call you??”

MM : “AYE MA-!@#!@-!@#!#!#! !!!!!” [In that special tune of his… a “MORE” Classic!!!]

4) Agar kisine sir hilaya toh .303 goli se uda doonga [oh that BFBV end term paper was legendary not for the paper, but for the invigilator!!!]

5) Basically AIIYO, Actually AIIYO, Basically AIIYO, Actually AIIYO, WTF AIIIYOOO WTF AAIIIYYOO [The Anu/Ponnu Chant]

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