Friday, February 26, 2010

Typical day, THESE DAYS.

OK. So I'm sitting here looking for something to do. Then it just strikes me. Why not write something about what I do everyday these days. That shouldn't be tough, no?

It just got that much tougher now.

The thing is, there ISN'T much to do these days over here. Other than the occasional movie and the TV series. You know, with the classes over and me being an MBA and all.

So let's see. Where do I start from? Oh yeah! Morning....

10 AM : Wake up. Yep, you saw the time right. All you working people out there, be jealous! *Evil Laugh*. And, for those MBA students who are with me, don't go "WTF SO EARLY" on me. My eyes just open up!!

10.15 AM : Go and see what's there for breakfast. Sees that it's the usual. NOT good news. Goes for the corn flakes. DIET DIET, you see *Wink*!!

10.45 AM : Switches on laptop. Follows daily ritual:
1) Login to Gtalk.
2) Check Gmail.
3) Check my second Gmail Account. The official one.
4) Check Orkut. (Yeah yeah, Google products have taken over my life. But it has yours too. ADMIT IT!!)
5) Check Facebook. Stare at the various posts made by my other "friends" for over an hour. One does not get enough of it. That "one" being me, of course. HA! I jest.
6) Check BBC Sport. Football news time.

11.30 AM : Realize, while on Facebook, that it is all quiet over here. Something's missing. OH YEAH!! SONGS!! Puts on iTunes and listens to music through someone's super awesome headphones. (Which I am going to give back to that person. HA HA!! I jest again.)

1.30 PM : Suddenly wake up, with those super awesome headphones (Do I need to repeat the same thing again?) on me, and Facebook on the laptop. Realizes that IT IS LUNCH TIME!!! Rushes to the mess only to find out that it's the usual "super awesome" (Please note the sarcasm here.... Someone's got to tell me how to show sarcasm in writing!!) mess food. Decides to have what I always have: CURD. I tell you na, if not for the curd over here, I would have died of starvation!

2.30 PM : Go to 10.45 AM. And 11.30 AM.

5 PM : 1.30 PM happens again.... till only the Facebook part, of course. Now there's the urge NOT to sleep for the rest of the day (or night, as the time would tell). But how to solve that?? COFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Nescafe it is!! A croissant (or 2 or 3...) added to it. ADIPOLI (Read AWESOME)!! There you go. THAT should keep me awake now!

6 PM : Hey Bhagwaaaannnn !!! (Did I just call myself?? Kartik calling Kartik = God calling Kartik... Get it? No? Chuck it..) I have not done anything till now. Need to start moving that VERY VERY slim body of mine (OK. I know all of you will laugh at that last sentence).
Solution to the problem??


Take my rackets and rush to the courts. Find out that its super full. Lesser people would have attended a Metallica concert. Yes, THAT full.

9.15 PM : After 3 hours of mind-boggling, knee-jerking (literally, I keep sliding and falling.) game of Badminton, I realize that the mess is going to close in 15 minutes.
Panic attack time (Only if it is the non- veg days: Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. Especially every other Friday : Roasted Chicken day! Because of the "Paneer" that they serve the veggies, of course!! *Wink*).
RUSH TO MESS! And eat curd rice on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekend. The rest of the days, I think you would have already guessed.

9.45 PM : In room. Need I say what comes next? Yes, you guessed right. Go to 10.45 AM. And 11.30 AM.
(High Fives for those who actually guessed. For the rest... ummm... errr.... Low fives!! HA!)

Sometime after 9.45 PM and when I sleep : Random chat on GTalk with a Junior.

Me : Hey! Sup?
Junior : Sup? nm.. you tell.
Me : Do you have class tomorrow?
Junior : yeah... why?
Junior : :| (Might even be swearing at me at that time)

(I actually make sure I do that everyday. What a sadist I am, no?)

11 PM (It can be anytime between 9.45 PM and when I sleep.) : MOVVIIIEEEEE!! (or TV SEEERRRIIEEEESSSS!!)

1 AM : Go To 11 PM.

1.30 AM : Somethings rumbling. MY STOMACH!! Time for that POST mid-night snack. Arcus it is!!

3 AM : Go To 11 PM. ( I hope you get the drift by now.)

4 AM : In a daze. Too much movie and TV series watching. Must stop this. Go to sleep!.....

So there you go. As you might have noticed, there is no mention of the booze and the parties, as you would expect once you get into a B-school. Did you not?!! Well, start expecting!! But then, this is a TYPICAL day. An ATYPICAL day might have just had those (And probably a bit more, if you get what I mean. *Wink* *Wink*. Sho, I jest so much, it's not even funny. HA!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Some people say it's a feat in itself to reach 100 runs in ODI cricket. There was a time when no one would even believe you when you said that there would be someone who would score 200 runs in a One Day International. Then..... there's Sachin Tendulkar. Period.

The world came to a stand still today. Everyone was busy watching Sachin the GOD play. What an innings it was! This coming at a time that everyone though was his twilight. It just goes to show that though form is temporary, class is permanent. They say that somethings differentiate the MEN from the BOYS. Well, Sachin just differentiated GOD from the MEN.

Once more, ALL HAIL: SACHIN THE GOD!! I bow to thee!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

And the quest has started.. Got any good names for this Blog?

.... I've gotten myself a follower!!! It's a start. Atleast, SOMEONE will read this blog!!! Now, all that's left to get this blog really started is a good name. Any suggestions, people (or person) ?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Memories..."Long Time..."

Something that I had written quite sometime back, but never posted it!!! Wonder why... Anyways.. I am Posting it now... hope you guys enjoy reading this!!

Yo ladies and gentlemen reading this (I'm sure it's not many because I haven't given this link to many people yet!! ). Have not written in quite sometime..... there is a reason for the delay though. I have been upto my head with college work and club selection work and what not. Have not gotten the time to even look at the comics that I have subscribed for over here!! :)

The weekend was pretty awesome!! Had loads of fun at college with the cultural activities and the after party. Ah, yes... there was an after party. And it was aaaaawwwwwwwweeeeeeeee.......wait for it........sssssoooommmmeeee!!!! Had a rocking time over there. That is one hell of a crowd puller. I could not even THINK of missing such an oppportunity!!!

I somehow ( I still don't believe how I managed to do it ) woke up in time for the first lecture over here. And surprisingly, I was not feeling sleepy when I came into class! Well, that was only until I came into class. It's like my eyes have been pre-programmed to close whenever there is a lecture. I just got in and the lecture just started when my eyes start closing. And, the amazing thing is that as soon as the lecture is over, the eyes just open up. I just lose my sleep as soon as my classes are over! I guess this is just another reason for me to attend classes. ;)

Well, that's it for now. All my posts are not re-checked, so chances are that you may not understand what I have written over here. Chances are that even I may not understand what I have written over here. But then, that's how I am!! :)

TIll later...Ciao!

P.S: Again, as this post was actually written after a long time in my previous post, I have given the title as it was over there. Now let me go and figure out how to use this one!! :)

Part 2: Things that I will definitely miss in MDI.

The list from my previous entry, as I said, is not exhaustive. Not by a long way. Here are some of the other things that I will cherish from my stay over here at MDI. I will add to this list as and when anything else comes to my mind.

1) A 10 mark question for the end term: “You are currently 3rd in a race, and you overtake the 2nd place guy. Which position will you now be in??” [I think I might have actually gotten this answer wrong. Nothing else explains how I got a C grade in this subject].

2) DUDE *Hic* I AM NOT DRUNK!!! *Barf* [Think of a name. Yeah you are right, that’s the person!!]

3) P1: “Hey man! What does you girlfriend call you??”

MM : “AYE MA-!@#!@-!@#!#!#! !!!!!” [In that special tune of his… a “MORE” Classic!!!]

4) Agar kisine sir hilaya toh .303 goli se uda doonga [oh that BFBV end term paper was legendary not for the paper, but for the invigilator!!!]

5) Basically AIIYO, Actually AIIYO, Basically AIIYO, Actually AIIYO, WTF AIIIYOOO WTF AAIIIYYOO [The Anu/Ponnu Chant]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things that I may/may not miss at MDI.

As I wind up my days at MDI, I just thought of penning down some of the things that have made my time over here at MDI memorable. These are just a few of the varied memories that I will cherish once I leave this place. Do try guessing the people I mention here.

1) If you really look at it… it’s interesting. (Last counted at 40 times in a one and a half hour class. How did I ever survive those strategy classes, only god knows)

2) Think like a CEO (Yes Sir, will most definitely do! J)

3) We are going to have a state-of-the-art computer facility, with un-legal software.

4) It is the “responsity” of the students council to make sure things don’t get stolen (yes this is very correct English, just meant to highlight that one word).

5) HEY KARTIK !@#!@#!! WHEN WAS I RUDE TO YOU!! (A Chinese Madhavan classic!!!)

6) Do not try to change the system. These “fellows” will put you down. These “fellows” na, will not do anything. *Goes back to the board to write something* (Don’t know how many will notice this one, but I will definitely listen to what he says).

7) Here comes ------ MAN!! With all 25 (or is it 24) teeth flashing, here to save the world from milking the cow!! (Oh boy those economics classes were a classic!!)

8) SHWOOSSHHH *Clunk* (Hurtling locks (of the lock and key fame) across the hallway hits the head of a certain someone)

oh theri !@#!@!@#” (lot of family members start coming up now),

*BAM* *DISHOOM* “Ugh !@#!#!” (more of the same)

[I’m sure many of us will miss this particular Hostel 7 rivalry!!]

9) …..If you see the “this” of the “that”,errrrrrr, you will find the scheduling of the “this”, eerrrrrrrrr, and the “that” to be equal….. [The Dots indicate me in deep sleep, waking up, hearing that sentence, and going back to deep sleep]

10) I salute the RFID technology. Please note the word “RFID”. It will be good for the interview. [Yes people, Achromatica spawned from these classes.]

11) “Maiiidaaamm, Please summarissse the lassstt claaassssssss” *smirk* [ufffff it was a pain I tell you, a pain!!]