Solving the Konundrum

Many of you who might go through this blog might wonder "What in this world does 'Kamikaze's Konundrums' even mean??". If you haven't, then atleast reading that previous sentence would have made you wonder.

Many of you would have Googled the word "Konundrum" or "Define:Konundrum" and would have come up with zilch. Many of you may have even searched for it on "The site which is never supposed to be written as a reference in any report/presentation", and still left empty-handed. For the lot who actually had nothing else in the world to do but to put in an effort to find out the inner meaning of the name of this blog, a round of applause from my side. High fives!! Kidilan!! I shall save your time and effort, so that you can use it for better things, like: 
  • Accessing "The site which is never supposed to be written as a reference in any report/presentation" to actually prepare your report/presentation.
  • Having a beer.
  • Both of the above, together.
Once upon a time, in the land that is "God's own country", there was this young budding engineer...."WAIT!" you would say. "That's practically everyone in Kerala, isn't it?" you may ask. And you would be a hundred percent correct. So, please, let me finish that sentence before you jump to any conclusions!

Anyways, yes. There was this young budding engineer. And he had no idea what was going around him. One fine day, a friend of his introduces him to the latest phenomenon to have graced the Internet world. In the friend's own words "This is the greatest thing to have come here since Google. Google it for proof!!" and "This is the dawg, dude! It pwnz all!!". It was at that time when smss were also just entering the lives of a lot of people in India, and it was considered "cool" to give ridiculously absurd short forms for words, so that no one would understand what was being written, and would end up messaging back for the actual meaning of the original message.

And that's how, my dear friends, he was introduced to the haven of presentation and report references, Wikipedia.

He also happened to read this and this during that time. He thought to himself "Brilliant! Ths pwnz all yo \m/!! Shd try smtym mslf!!" (Sms thoughts). He did start a blog that time, and even started it like how any Computer Science graduate and budding programmer would start a blog. With a "Hello World!" post. And then conveniently forgot about the blog only to prepare for his upcoming first attempt at India's most hotly contested  MCQ exam, the CAT, which he failed miserably.

But, all was not black at that time. There were some white spots in-between. He happened to get a job in the IT industry. "WAIT!!" you might interrupt. "Isn't that where three-fourths of India's population enters?" you might ask. And again, you will be a hundred percent correct. My response would be "They don't say 'Patience is a virtue' for nothing!".

Yes. The IT Industry. The place that would solve all his problems, he thinks. He goes to office the first day with eagerness. Only to realize that he was going to be "on the bench" for a long, really long, ting tong, time. During this time, he had nothing else to do. So he went back to reading blogs. And became the comic distributor to a lot of fellow employees in the organization.(Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Dilbert and Pearls Before Swine). 

Of course, during that time, he did attempt the most hotly contested MCQ exam again. And gave credence to the saying "Third time lucky!!". Which translated to "I wanted to gain sufficient experience in the industry, and to learn first hand how an organization works, before I embark on doing my MBA, and starting an organization of my own!" during interviews to the millions of B-schools he had applied to. His strategizing had already started.

After a long, arduous wait, umpteen checks on movements of wait lists for each of the B-schools he had applied to, constantly checking PagalGuy for updates, and cursing others to have taken the seat that he so dearly wanted (OH COME ON! THAT PERSON HAD ADMISSION IN "ABC" and "DEF" B-SCHOOLS!! WHY DID HE/SHE HAVE TO TAKE THIS SEAT!!! !@#@!#), he finally got admission in a "Premier" B-School. He realized that his strategizing had a long way to go, as he had only just scrapped through to an admission (He secured it a week before classes were supposed to start).

Haaavvoooo! FINALLY! His brain had completely fried from having to prepare for CAT, the Group Discussions, and the Interviews, and he now just wanted to go and do his MBA. And enter a world of dreams. And higher pay packages. But, a couple of months into his MBA, he found that he had way more time on his hands than even during his "bench-marking"(get it??) time in the IT industry.

What does he do? He tries to remember the blog he had started during his B.Tech days. But, alas, it was lost. So he starts a new one. And, then proceeds to improve on his strategizing, which would help him later on as he gets a job on Day zero of placements!

And that is how, my friends, this blog came to being.

"WAIT!!!!" you say, again. "What's that story got to do with the question in the first paragraph?" you might ask. My answer is, "Nothing. I was just showing you how I have improved my strategizing skills over the past couple of years. This blog was of some use, after all!! HA!"

While in college, I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike, which I used to play even while in MDI, Gurgaon. My game name was "Kamikaze". And, hence, the first part of the blog name has now become clear.

"Konundrum" is nothing but "Conundrum" with a "K". Put to give it a style, you see. And if you really look at it, a lot of the posts try to solve some conundrum or the other, through my perspective. NAAH. I just felt that "Konundrums" went well with "Kamikaze's". Hence, I put it.

And thus, this Konundrum has been solved! Elementary, Watson!

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