Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lord of the Cable, The Return of the Idiot Box

What I am about to say now, was absolutely, completely, 250% true. You may say "YEAH RIGHT! FEKU!" and just close this post right away, or just sit in front of the screen with your jaws wide open ( :O "Are you kidding me?!?!") but you just HAVE to believe me on this.

I did NOT have the IDIOTBOX at my home for 2.5 years!

Yes... it seems a long long LONG time ago, but yes, it is the truth. Those were the days when I had only one thing that I felt was worth watching... FOOTBALL! And with the advent of Internet, and faster and faster speeds, it just made more sense to just stream the games I wanted to watch, rather than invest on a gigantic screen. There was NO WAY I was going to have one at home... EVER!

Unless.... I wanted an XBox, or a Playstation. Mind you, this thought did crop up my mind many a times! But, I had the resilience and the will power of a thousand SPARTANS fighting against the Persians (rather, it was 300, based on my extensive research of the movie "300") to resist the need for it. It only made it easy knowing that buying such a device would cover more than 75% of my room, leaving me with enough space to cringe in the corner of the room and sleep. And blog about it too.

Oh...How I digress!

So, things were good. I'd say great even! No T.V..... Just chill in life! Nothing could stop me from NOT getting it! Or so I thought.......

There comes a time in a man's life, when he think's he is making a decision that is of his own will, and that everything from there on would be smooth going, with a common consensus always being reached before anything is done. It is only AFTER marriage (which is "that time"), that he realizes that he is actually akin to the President of our great motherland! The head, but "naam ke vaaste" only! Of course, we men only realize this AFTER the blissful event has happened.

So on comes the wifey to her new home....and before you know it......BOOM! There it is.. in all its shining glory! THE RETURN OF THE IDIOTBOX!

It all happens so subtly, you don't even know what hits you. Next thing you know, your day after office goes in watching Wipeout, 2 and a half men, I survived a Japanese Game show (HAAAIII MAJJIIDDEE!! Oh that just cracks me up everytime!), Friends and what not. It's like smoking cigarettes. You can resist all you want before you take your first one.... but once you start, it's just so hard to let go! Time just flies when you have the TV at home! The only thing is that it's not just time that flies, you will find a lot of other things flying towards you! The rolling pan....the high heels... what not!

"hey... HEY!!OYE!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?!" *After no response from the hubby, who is hypnotized by the movements and the sounds of the idiotbox, wifey throws any object in her reach right at him* (In case you are wondering what this paragraph is just describes the last 2 sentences of the last paragraph in a bit more detail!)

So guys... yes... ONLY THE GUYS!!! Please note, in order to lead a peaceful, wonderful life.... PLEASE HAVE ADEQUATE COVER TO SURVIVE THE ONSLAUGHT!

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