Saturday, September 20, 2014

Random Musings of a Romantic kind!!

Romeo! Romeo! Where art thou Romeo!!
Don't let me go 'Ayyayyo'!Don't let me go 'Ayyayyo'!

(Sorry, I could not help resist coming up with that one!!)


We keep on hearing of flash sales these days. Mobiles and what not getting sold in .00000001 of a second! Wonder if matrimony sites would come up with something similar!! This would be called 'Flash Matrimony - get your loved one in .0000001 of a second'!!


Saw this on someone's Facebook timeline, and couldn't help but think 'OK. This is sound advice. To be followed religiously.'

Talking about Facebook, it's uncanny how they manage to bring you the right advertisements at the right time.

When you are a bachelor : It's all matrimony sites! FIND YOUR LOVED ONE HERE! ONE IN A MILLION AND JUST FOR YOU! CLICK HERE! And what not...

Once you update your status to "engaged" though, the whole thing changes.
Now I see "Wedding Photography.... for the best clicks of your special moment!"
"Choose the best Wedding locations and Honeymoon destinations. CLICK HERE!"

I can only wonder, after I get married, what would Facebook throw at me?


I just realized that the heading for this blog post may be a bit misleading. The random Musing bit would be perfect, but the romantic kind? Is there any romantic bit in anything I have written above?.....well, that's a tactic to bring people to read this space!! HA HA!


Random conversation with a friend of mine.

Friend : Dude, What are you doing now?
Me : Hey buddies! Whatsaaaappp! I've just finished dinner at home. You?
Friend : Oh man.... Stop being such a Husband already!
Me : :| :| :|

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