Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The things you do to sell a mobile phone!

You are in this high performing store on Independence Day. The store is fully crowded, with customers actually waiting outside to come in. You are a new entrant as a Management Trainee, and you have no idea how to sell a phone. You have only heard of Sony Ericsson Zylo and Xperia X10. The former, because you've bought it, and the later, because you just tested it in another store. A customer (with her family) comes in, asking for Xperia X10. You eyes light up! It costs around Rs. 27k after all. Only good for the store to meet its target for the day!

Me : Welcome to The Mobile Store! How may I help you?

Customer : Tell me about Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

Me : *Talks something about the phone which I hope is right. Makes sure that I tell the price correctly to the customer, though.*

Customer : How about the X10 Mini Pro. (It's price is about Rs 17k)

Me : *Talks about how the Xperia X10 is SOOO much better than a Mini Pro, for reasons everyone can guess.*

Customer : But I do not see the 'qwerty' keypad in the Xperia!! But I see one in the Mini Pro!!! How will I send SMSs?!?

Me : *Explains how it works in only touch screen phones, the keypad thingy.*

Customers' Daughter and Son : MOM!! Xperia is so much better!! GO FOR IT!! 

Customer : Arey! This mini pro is so much cheaper!!

Customers' Husband : You are a Doctor!! You can afford the X10!!

Me (Pitching in with faff) : My Dad is also a Doctor!! And he has the Xperia only!!

Me (Thinks) : Yeah Right!! My dad does not know ABC of Mobiles! 

Customers' Daughter to me : My mom doesn't listen to us! I saw the Youtube video of the Xperia, and it was amazing!! 

Me (To everyone) : Yes! I have tested it in another store, and it is an AMAZING PHONE!! A MUST BUY!

Customers' Husband : 27k is too much re. Reduce it for us! Give it for 25k!!

Me (Thinking fast of how to counter this) : Sir, we will give you a Reebok watch free!! It's worth *some amount*! Plus it is our anniversary!! We have a whole host of offers for you! (*Then proceeds to ask someone from the staff to tell the anniversary offers to the customer*)

Customer : OK. We will go to other stores and find out, and then we shall see.


Me (Actually says) : OK Ma'am. 

The same customer comes back in after sometime, and ends up buying the X10.

A very humbling experience for me. I finally understand how hard it is for the store people, who have to go through this everyday!!


Adheeth said...

What u doing thr? Direct selling :D..

Where did u get into?

Kartik Krishnamoorthy said...

The explanation to that question is a bit complicated Adheeth. T've gotten into The Essar Group. The training period includes a 2 month "Value Chain Stint", wherein I learn about a particular Essar Business. I've got "The Mobile Store".... This happened when I was helping out the staff during the peak hours. A brilliant experience! :)

sid said...

Sala bolta to tha premier Bschool se MBA kar raha hu. Waha jake mobile bech raha hai.
By any chance are u an IIPM alum??

Kartik Krishnamoorthy said...

Bhai Siddhesh... we are all PIMPs, remember?!?! Aur tu bhi TMS mein hi hai!!! saala mobile bhej!! thoda kaam kar!! :P

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