Sunday, August 22, 2010

Run away!! Raksha Bandhan is here!!

A guy approaches a woman he likes. He has been with her for sometime as 'friends', and now wants to take that next step. He makes the daring move, and musters the guts to ask her out. What does the woman do??

She ties a rakhi on the guy.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Being a 'brother' to the woman you like means reaching Paris with someone, and then realising that you cannot spend your time with her, Paris style. It is the one thing that any bachelor would NOT want to happen in his life. Ever. Not even the married ones, I guess.

They say that diamonds are a woman's best friend. They got it completely wrong for the Indian woman. It's the rakhi.

Yes, friends. This is a weapon more powerful than those nukes that countries are fighting over. This is even more controversial than the CWG fiasco that is happening in Delhi right now. This is even more dangerous than George W. Bush being the President of the USA. Even God could not have found a harder punishment to give Indian men. 

And it does not end with the rakhi. Once the 'knot is tied', the man is obliged to then give the woman a gift! All the various things he had planned to gift her would be of no use now. His previous efforts in meticulously finding out what she wanted, all gone to waste. He is doomed to love this woman, brotherly style. And gift her in that same style. 

Through some extensive research (which means basically googling "Raksha Bandhan", finding the wikipedia page, and running through its contents), I have found that the history of this festival started from King Himayu. (Raksha Bandhan Wiki Page). Did this person not realise that by starting this, he has started a sort of mini revolution in Indian society? Did he not know that Indian women would be smart enough to adopt 'brothers', handpicking ONLY those who end up wanting to take the next step in their relationship with them?

I think that all Indian women look forward to this one day. I mean, lets face it. We men (you married ones included. ADMIT IT!!) follow, drool, oggle and ask out (atleast some of us men end up asking out) women 24*7. Women just absolutely needed something to protect themselves from....this insanity! Even if it is for a day, that small action of tying a teeny weeny thread on the hand of a man has everlasting effects. No sane man would want that to happen to him. NEVER!!

All you desi women out there. Have your day of freedom. Catch them men and bury them in eternal oblivion. You may win the battle. But you will never win the war.......


sid said...

Dude, How many times has this happened to you??

Kartik Krishnamoorthy said...

More times than you can imagine ;)