Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spice it up!!!

A conversation with one of my good friends : 

Me: Yo! wsaaappp (now that I look at all my chats, I cannot help but laugh at seeing this!!)
PP: *some random stuff*
Me: Hey.. check out my blog and do tell me what you think about it.. (Shares this blog name with the person)
PP: *after reading the blog for 5 seconds* (The person is a really fast reader. But then, there is not much here YET. :) ). Hey! This blog of yours needs some spicing up!!! It needs to have gossip from college. And that too, all added with your "ideas". You see, fabricated gossip works. Trust me!!

Me: :| :|

Afterward, me thinks she has a point there. Look at it this way... who does not want to hear gossip??!? And who would not love to read it from a place like a blog?!!?

But then, I am actually not that kind of a person. I would be the last person to hear any sort of gossip (So last that the whole gossip story would have changed by the time it reached me).

Hence, although the person is right in saying that this place does need some spicing up, the method of the spicing would not be according to the person's wishes. :)

What do you think about it?


praajya said...

This person says fabricated gossip!
p.s. : i do read fast

Kartik said...

yeah you really do!!!!