Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sitting in Class....

I'm currently writing this post, whilst sitting in class. There seem to be some people saying some stuff about the financial crisis, bailout packages and what not. But, I am sitting here writing this. :D

What I have understood over the one year (oh yeah it really has been a year since I started this journey of Management Education), is that everyone is for oneself. Friends are there, but only as long as they are not graded alongwith you. The comeptition is furious. It is even more in the current scenario of scarcity of jobs in the market.

Should I also join in and fight my way to survive? Yes. Should I do it in ways that would go against my "ethics"? I don't think so. Imagine a situation wherein you are one of the lowest in class because of marks being given based on some random function, and then you find out that in another subject, you go lower down because of reasons that are very much debatable. You have worked much harder than the first term, but you end up getting a grade average which is lower than what it was before.

Each person will have his own individual views. Should this have happened? I did not want it to. Can anyone change anything this time around? Things look bleak. Should your final grade be based on randomness? Absolutely not. Will people be ready to help those affected? Not unless they themselves are. Lots of mails going around, but I haven't seen any concrete action taken till now. Things cannot be done alone. I have found that out the hard way.

I look to a few people for solace and comfort in this situation. I know for sure that writing mails and demanding action will not have any desired effect. What do I do?

Anyways, as I said, first year is almost over, and I am off to Mumbai for a couple of months to do my internship in a profile that is considered "superb" by many people. I am just grateful to those who have provided me with this opportunity. Now all is left is to make full use of it.....

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Sarath said...

Cheer up man, shit happens.

n all the best for the internships.