Thursday, December 16, 2010

Office Office!

Ah yes. It shows. No posts of late. Work has officially started.

Gone are the days of sitting in front of your personal laptop, testing it to the core with the latest games. Gone are the days of sitting at home doing nothing, but telling the whole world that you are "working from home". Gone are the days of taking random trips outside while having to be "present" in "office". Gone are the days of drinking all through the night, every night.

The honeymoon period is now officially over!

BUT... not all is bad at the workplace. There are few good things to take away from where I currently work. For one, theres a cute woman who has recently joined. THAT'S REASON ENOUGH TO BE AT WORK ALL DAY! Amazingly, there happened to be that "jump" and "liveliness" in the area where I am seated, the day she joined. You know that feeling when you have suddenly won a million gazillion dollars? That was how excited my area was, that day.

Unfortunately, we are in two different teams. It is one of life's hardest challenges to introduce yourself to a cute woman who happens to be in a different team. You see, if she were in the same team, you have something to start off with. The "HEY! I'M IN YOUR TEAM" is a great conversation starter.

But, that advantage is lost when you are not in the same team. Even when you are sitting diagonally opposite her. You now have to resort to studying her movement patterns, and try to match yours with hers. The best way is to study her coffee drinking patterns. Learning whether she likes coffee or not. Like they say "A lot can happen over coffee"! A casual "bump" near the coffee machine is probably the best way to start off with the "HEY! I SIT DIAGONALLY OPPOSITE TO YOU!" conversation. At least I hold that card with me! I pity those people who do not even have that! (Actually, I laugh at them "HA HA!".)

The latest craze in town, at-least in the office, is now Microsoft Outlook. In a place where Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo!, and the like are banned, what better way to have a lively chat with your fellow friends from office (and outside) than through Outlook! The latest gossip, the hottest news, even heartfelt discussions about life, now spread across even faster than the speed of light! Lots of trips have been planned from here. Which never ever work out. Oh, and office work stuff happens too.

But one thing is true at the workplace (At-least to me it is!). Whether you are in your honeymoon period or not, you are DEAD tired by the time you reach home. It's amazing how as soon as you see the bed in your room after coming back from office, your first reaction is to dive into it and snuggle under the blanket. The "pretty cool" Mumbai weather makes it even easier for you to go to dreamland, and that much harder to get out of it.

Mornings during the winters are probably the worst time of the day! Especially in winters, when that blanket fills you up with so much warmth, that even thinking of getting out of it gives you the shivers. Corporate India should officially change office timings so that we, the common man, can get to snuggle under our "Rugs", "Rajais" and "Blankets" for as long in the morning as we want! IT SHOULD BE OUR BIRTHRIGHT! (At-least during the winters, IT SHOULD BE!)

Well, this is all I can write for now. My eyes are giving way, and I can already see the warm beaches of Dreamland... better get to sleep now! For tomorrow is a new day, with new things to look forward to! Ciao, for now.

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