Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Irritating subtitles.

You are busy watching your favourite TV show. But, instead of watching the actors and listening to the dialogues, you see these nagging set of dialogues come on screen right at the bottom. You will always end up watching the subtitles, and end up missing on all the action.

Star World has been having this subtitle thingy for quite sometime now. And it's the most irritating and useless thing I have ever seen. Why, you ask? Here's why.

1) If someone were to subscribe to the channel, chances are that the person would understand the language. Hence, there is absolutely no point in having English subtitles for an English channel.

2) Your whole focus goes away from the action on screen. You are drawn to what is written at the bottom of the TV, thus losing out on the experience of watching and enjoying the serial that you were meant to enjoy in the first place.

3) And this is the MOST irritating part. You watch the TV (and by watch, I mean trying your level best to take your eyes away from the subtitles that keep coming in your line of view), and someone speaks in a language unknown to you (Say Spanish). You would expect the subtitles to help you then. After all, that's what a subtitle is meant to do, right?

What does this subtitle show instead? It shows "[Something in Spanish]" (and by that I mean EXACTLY THOSE WORDS, and not something written in the Spanish language, which would again be as absurd)!!!

I do not see any compelling reason as to why they have to put those subtitles over there, other than to give easy money to the company that actually does the work of making the subtitles. Even that doesn't make monetary sense to Star.


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Nikhil said...

Agree with you wholeheartedly buddy. Really hate it when the subtitles take up half the screen, and are even quite poorly written!