Thursday, March 4, 2010

What if??

Something good happens initially. You feel that the times are good. You start thinking in the future. You see a lot of good things happening. Some very amazing moments. You cherish them. You start yearning for them.

And then it all goes awry. BOOM. In one moment, everything is lost. What you had envisioned, all gone... POOF!

Has this ever happened to you? It has to me. One too many times.

Case in point: I am in Delhi International Airport, waiting to board a flight to Pune. After 4 hours of pure time wasting (I shared a cab with a friend to save on some moolah, and hence reached the airport at 10.30 AM for a 2.30 PM flight. YES, I do do such stuff!!), I finally board the flight. I get to my seat and sit there, thinking of what to do next. Five minutes after I sit, I see this good looking woman, about 20-22 years of age, come and sit right next to my seat.


Now come those visions. I start a random conversation with her. I find out she likes the author of the novel I am reading at that time. We talk all through the flight. I catch up with her in Pune. Keep in touch with her even after that. I'd poke her on Facebook till she bled online. Probably ask her to be my neighbour in Farmville, or a partner in crime in Mafia Wars....... yeah, when you have an idle mind, it sure does come up with the weirdest scenarios, na?

OK, so I am about to turn to my left and start talking. (You have no idea how much effort it took to do that. If only I had put in so much effort during my 2 years in MBA, I would have been a topper at MDI!) So, I am on the verge of saying hello, but before I could even utter the H in "hello", an old man from the other side of the plane asks her to shift places so that he could sit with his wife!!! Couldn't he have asked someone to trade places with his wife? Couldn't he have just sat in his place for one and a half hours without being with his wife? NOOOOOOO. He has to do this only!!!

The POOF moment.

It's in times like this, that you can only look up, shrug, laugh, and ask yourself "What if??". And this is one question whose answer you can only wonder about, because if you knew the answer, the world would probably have been a better (or worse, as the case may be) place.